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This English Terms and Conditions is a simple translation and legal interpretation and application are based on the Korean Terms and Conditions
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1. Consent to collect and use personal information (required)

Consent to collect and use personal information

Weeklyon collects and uses minimal personal information for sending newsletters.
Purpose of collection and use
Collection and utilization items
Retention and Use Period
“Weekly ON” Newsletter Sent
Email Address
Occupation or duty
At the end of the service or Discard newsletter immediately when you unsubscribe
· Guidelines for Refusing Consent
If you disagree, you have the right to refuse consent to collect and use personal information. If you refuse, the newsletter subscription service will not be available.

Entrustment of personal information processing

In order to provide and improve services, the company entrusts personal information as follows, and stipulates necessary matters to ensure that personal information can be safely managed in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
Details of entrusted Purpose
Period of retention and use of personal information
Stevie Corporation
including newsletters or advertisements
Newsletter dispatch, service usage statisticsAnalysis
Upon termination of the subscription orImmediate destruction upon the termination of consignment contract

2. Consent to receive advertising information (optional)

∙ We receive advertising information such as content alliance and promotion information.

∙ If you are forwarding advertising information, display the (advertising) wording in the email title and body.

∙ Weeklyon does not transmit advertising information if it has received prior consent for the advertising information reception service or if it is an exception to prior consent (for example, forming a transaction relationship), but if it expresses its intention to refuse or withdraw prior consent.

∙ In accordance with Article 50 (1) or (3) of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, “Weekly ON” checks the recipient's consent every two years (meaning the same day as every two years).